Japs Sneak Attack US Shores with Killer Tsunami Wave

It was a day that will live in infamy. March 11, 2011. The empire of Japan, seeking retribution for the two nuclear bombs dropped on them by “real Americans,” launched numerous high tech Tsunami waves towards the west coast of the United States, damaging several millionaires’ boats (see video below). We tea partiers call on President Obama to nuke the Japanese in retaliation and imprison all Japanese in America (and the Chinese, because who can tell the difference?). Real American Joe Six Pack said, “This is just like Pearl Harbor, we need to bomb them Japs like we did before and fast!”

3 Responses to Japs Sneak Attack US Shores with Killer Tsunami Wave

  1. what kind of an article is this? you think the Japanese PLANNED the wave that destroyed half their country and then somehow defied the laws of nature to send it back?

    you suggest that America needs to ‘nuke’ the Japanese again, but i say, what is there to nuke? their country is already in ruins, peoples lives have been destroyed and you’re making up petty rumors in a completely BIAS way. If anything is un-American, i would suggest this is.

    • buttfuckkentucky

      Editor’s Response:


      As an Australian you cannot possibly know what it is like to be attacked by the godless Japanese.

      Until the Tojos bomb Australia or send a tsunami down there to wipe out the kangaroos, you should spend your time educating yourself and doing housework, but do the housework first!

  2. Well if you take the inverse of everything you just said, your almost correct. This was actually an attack by our country (USA) on Japan. They had sold some nuclear material to Iran & they were attacked for this. Somewhat heavy handed but better than a single nuke from the air.

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