“Glee” Star Ruins Golden Globes With Pro-Gay Speech

The Golden Globes were ruined when “Glee” TV star Chris Colfer, who has a very high feminine voice, made some pro-gay statements, offending real Americans who were watching their TVs across the country.

(Editor’s Note: Sadly, many pro-gay radicals have written horrible comments below. They are obviously not “real” Americans.)

26 Responses to “Glee” Star Ruins Golden Globes With Pro-Gay Speech

  1. How exactly was that pro-gay? It sounded like anti-bullying to me!
    Posted as a real American who was NOT offended at all by his speech and was actually proud of him!

    • Heather:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Once again, I think the media “dreams” up things on slow news days!

  2. I am almost offended that you would consider “heterosexuality” to be real American, whereas other sexual orientations are not. I do not think that there is a litmus test on real American. Seriously, I think you should take a class in anger management or do they not offer that in Kentucky?

    • You were almost offended? I AM offended. There is no reason why intolerance should be around. Seriously guys it’s 2011 for crying out loud, get off your high horse and figure out that everyone is different but their all still human, why is it so difficult to see that? Just open your eyes and your mind, the world will be such a better place if you don’t feel all this resentment towards harmless, and happy things.

  3. The whole tumblr.com Glee fan base hates you right now , just saying.

  4. This sickens me. He had one of the best speech’s on the GG awards. And I as a REAL American think your the one who is offending people.

  5. You have to be kidding me. How was this in any way offensive? Yes, Chistopher Paul Colfer (Kurt on Glee) Has a slightly high pitched voice for a male, but apart from the fact that this phrase is completely irrelevant to anything in the idiotic comment that was made concerning Chris Colfer’s acceptance speech I don’t see how anything he did could have ruined the Golden Globes! In any case, his acceptance speech made the golden globes so incredibly better for EVERYONE watching them. Not just the Americans. For every person who watched this show. His speech was not just pro-gay, his speech was meant for all those kids who are bullied for whatever reasons. His speech was meant to give all those kids who are told that they will never amount to anything, that they are not worthy and that they are less than everyone else, hope. It was meant to give hope and I’ll be damned if anyone dares dirty this amazing man’s name by insulting him like this.

    I seriously can not even begin to comprehend why anyone would have been insulted by such an inspiring speech as the one he gave. And… just so you know, REAL Americans are not like you. They are exactly the opposite, they respect people who are different and they celebrate each others difference. It is a shame to see people as ignorant as you writing in a paper or anywhere for that matter..

  6. Umm. That was not a pro gay speech. It was an anti-bullying one. Yes, his voice is a bit higher than the average male’s, but it’s not THAT high.
    How exactly was that offending “real” Americans? Do you not consider him a “real” American because he is gay?

    Also, that editor’s note, according to you, these people are not “real” Americans because they are sticking up for Chris Colfer when he has done nothing wrong?
    Honestly, explain how the comments were “horrible”.

  7. haha, it makes me pretty happy to see that none of these comments are in support of the article-writer’s narrow-minded views.

    the reality of it is this:

    + chris colfer’s won the award, and for good reason
    + being a “real american” has to do with acceptance, not intolerance
    + homosexuality isn’t a disease, and should never be treated as such

    i don’t expect to change anyone’s mind, but that’s the truth. if his anti-bullying (not pro-gay) speech bothered you that much, then fine. even if it was pro-gay, what do you expect? he plays the role of a gay character.


  8. I’m italian, and i’m so proud of Chris Colfer. This text is actually omophobic!

  9. Wow, if this is supposed to be a joke website, you are terrible. This is the most shitty piece of crap I have ever read and I can’t imagine what kind of people enjoy sitting and writing this rubbish.

  10. Chris Colfer is more of a ‘real American’ than the author of this post will ever be.
    Just saying.

  11. You are a awful writer! i mean seriously ‘buttfuckkentucky’ if you want anyone to take you at all seriously dont name you website that :S And so much for real Americans since when are real Americans all homophobic pricks? I am not american and i even i think that is a stupid thing to say. Grow up and stop hatin he won a award for being awesome and gay you didn’t deal with it.

  12. That acceptance speech wasn’t “pro-gay” it was anti-bullying. Have you ever been bullied, poster? I think it’s safe to say you have, because we’ve all been bullied at some point in our lives. I think we can also agree that it makes you feel like the lowest person on earth. Why you would make a post putting down all the things Chris Colfer said to try to stop those who are bullied from feeling like they have nothing left is beyond me.
    I’m also curious as to why you felt like this speech offended Americans? I don’t remember him saying a single word that someone could take offense to. Unless you’re one of those people that personally bullied Chris Colfer when he was younger, and if you are then you deserve to be put in your place for treating someone the way he was treated.
    Being gay is not a bad thing, telling someone that their sexual preference determines how much of a “true American” they are is. PLEASE take another look at the damage you’re doing to worldwide acceptance of all people by posting hurtful things like this.

  13. A 34 word homophobic, biased article.
    Where may I find your college dean and/or editor? I would like to find out what severe emotional state they were in when they gave you a diploma and permission to get away with this.

  14. This is ridiculous for so many reasons.
    For starters, Chris Colfer is amazing, he deserves that award. He never even mentioned the word homosexuality. His speech was aimed at all kids going through difficult times with bullies or not fitting in. How that could have upset anyone I have no idea. Also, being a real person is being who you are and accepting others for being who they are. Everyone has different opinions and interests, but it doesn’t make them unhuman. So what if his voice is higher than the average male’s. He’s extremely talented and I say again, he deserves that award.

    I love how these comments are all against the article writer:’)

  15. Chris Colfer’s acceptance speech was an ‘in-your-face’ to the a**holes who decided they were better than him. Like the author of this article. Anti-bullying, pro-gay: either sentiment is something that a “real American” supports, not homophobia and bigotry.

    You claim that we aren’t real American’s because we support Chris and will defend anyone against bullying, bigots like you, but you are the one who should rethink the way you treat people. You need a reality check, because people like you are the reason for too many young people taking their own lives. I hope you can live with that on your conscience.

  16. Fuck you. Chris Colfer is an amazing person, and every bit a real American. In my eyes, a real American is someone that represents the ‘Land of the Free’. Not the ‘Land of the Straight People’.

  17. Kentucky? Is that shit in Europe?

    Kentucky should just be bombed off the planet.

    Save the human race from breeding with idiots and bad blood.

  18. First off, this is not even a real article. It lacks forethought and any organization what-so-ever. If you call yourself a blogger or a even a human being, please go back to college. Or middle school.
    Second, I find it depressing how easy it is for you to type in a few keys and slander someone. Don’t you have something better to do with your time than attack people who are far more talented and superior to you and have struggled against prejudice for years to be accepted in our society? Clearly the author of this article has never faced any prejudice in his/her life other he/she would know exactly how it feels to be put down and how even the tiniest bit of support and words of encouragement make all the difference. Quick, lets go egg his/her car because he/she is dumb.
    Third, I’m upset that people waste their time reading this. I’m upset with myself for reading this. Let me go puke rainbows, unicorns and glitter on your behalf and resume my life.

  19. I don’t think I’ve ever been so offended in my entire life. And you know what I’m offended by? Not Chris Colfer, but the writer of this article. You! You physically disgust, sicken and repulse me.

  20. if “real” Americans are as you want them to be, then excuse me but Americans are really stupid…some of the comments on this page make me doubt that though. America is not stupid!

  21. This is unbelievably insulting towards not only the gay community, but the entire American community. You are an insult to American and the fact that you refer to yourself as a “real American” is sickening.

    Chris Colfer is an amazing man and an amazing actor, who gave an incredibly inspiring speech. He spoke out for all those people, not just in america, that are outcasts and that struggle every day with morons and offensive people like you. this, and the spotlight that glee is shedding on such issues, should be celebrated.

    I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

  22. Oh are you gays offended?? BOO FRICKIN HOO! That little fag needs to shut the hell up. He makes me sick. I dont even watch that stupid ass Glee crap but I’ve seen enough of his queer ass on the commercials to know he’s a flamer and is disgusting. The sick crap you queers do to each other is just that..SICK!!! So get off your high horses and crawl back into your frickin closets where you all belong!

  23. WOW WOW WOW. This is the most racist, sexist, and homophobic website i have ever seen. I am an atheist, I am a supporter of gay marriage, and I am a supporter of abortion. And i GUARANTEE I am more intelligent than any of the stupid inbred rednecks writing these articles. I have my PH.D in history and the bigotry here is sickening, and makes me ashamed to be an American. This makes me pray the backwards and sideways hick, and UNINTELLIGENT state if Kentucky get wiped off the map and destroyed. And to all those that like this website, go fuck your sister and pray to your racist fake god, because in the end the atheists and the gays and the “negros” are starting to win. And when we do…. well there just won’t be any place left for any of you; besides a mass graves. I’ll fight fire with fire. And in the new world order shaping up, the people who write stories like this will simply be killed, to make way for the more productive and reasonable members of society.

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